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Industry experts evaluating

the future of art on chain.

Digital ID

Digital ID to

unlock artists value.

Leidof CardDigital Fingerprint
A digital passport empowering our artist’s growth, unlocking their value on the chain, fostering transparency and trust in the art ecosystem.
Metagrade Stands with ESG
What is ESG?

Your investment will make a positive

Environmental Effect

Metagrade aims to tokenize art to create a sustainable influence on a global stage. Shaping a more environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and well-governed world.
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Our Mission

“We aim to pioneer global art democratization

by fostering artistic growth on chain.”

We transcend being merely art on the chain; our commitment extends to transforming the art ecosystem, poised not only to redefine but also invigorate the entire industry.

Ali Haydar Gurocak

Founder & CEO


Fostering artistic advancement with

digital disruptive technologies.

Blockchain-Powered Tokenization
Explore the future of art ownership with our blockchain-powered solutions, ensuring transparency, authenticity, and unique ownership experiences.
Augmented Reality Experiences
Elevate your projects with augmented reality, allowing clients to visualize artworks in their spaces before making decisions, creating a truly immersive design experience.
Data-Driven Curation: Leverage
We thrive on data-driven leverage, using insightful analytics to drive innovation, With a strategic approach to data, we empower our members to optimize operations and navigate the digital realm with precision, ensuring sustainable growth.
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Future protocols.

Shaping real world assets on chain.

We view trust as the most important factor in the art world. Therefore Our protocol ensures secure, transparent, and efficient tokenized asset management, providing users with a seamless experience for issuance.
Ownership, and transfer of digital assets. Powered by De-Fi  blockchain technology and smart contracts. our tokenization protocol sets the standard for secure and programmable representation of assets in the digital space.
Our Robust tokenization protocol tranforms traditional boundaries of turning real world art assets into digital twins on the defi blokchain protocol.

Join our future global hub

in the Metaverse.

Our galleries showcase a diverse collection of real world art assets. Explore unique pieces that transcend traditional boundaries and redefine the global art investment experience.
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