Company Overview

Art Tokenization 3.0

Globalizing the Future

Mission Statement
Metagrade is at the forefront of innovating art asset tokenization, revolutionizing global art ownership. Our mission is to democratize access, secure transactions, and redefine liquidity in the art market. Navigating global regulations, we streamline peer-to-peer transactions and prioritize environmental responsibility.
Our Commitment
Empowering investors, we provide unparalleled control over diverse art portfolios within a robust financial framework. Our dedicated team transforms traditional art investments, championing responsible practices, fostering innovation, and creating a sustainable global art ecosystem where emerging artists thrive. Join us in shaping the future of accessible and responsible art investment.
Ali Haydar Gurocak
Founder & CEO
Jessica Mahoney
Co-Founder & CRO
Erokan Canbazoglu
Andrew Reade
Leif Rydfors
Art Director
Gulsah Ozpercin
Architect & BIM Specialist
April Zhang-Autio
Art Curator
Avi Mash
Head of Blockchain
Alexander Gloy
Bilal Calıs
Dr. of Quantum Mathematics
Vince Chapa
Venture Capitalist
Dogu Taskiran
Web3 Specialist
Kadim Tasdemir
Director of Statistics
Ekrem Saydam
DevOps Developer
İlter Aykac
Director of KYC
Sezgin Irmak
Professor of MIS
Mehmet Mert
Professor of Statistics
Ali Mercan
Cloud Security Engineer
Erdem Mergen
Senior Security Architect
Muhammed Yetginbal
Digital Innovation and Transformation Director
Malcom J Little Jr.
Director of Business Development
George Medina
Financial Markets Trading
Geraldine Weiner
Designer Partner